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When it comes to body armor, only the best will do and AR500 Armor is one brand which is dedicated to giving you exactly that. This brand manufactures high quality ballistic and body armor solutions using advanced ballistic grade steel core for maximum protection. Every product is manufactured with care and tested from raw material stage to end product to ensure that it meets the stringent standards AR500 Armor sets for all its products. The products all go through stress tests, deformation tests, and many other tests which you can see for yourself on the website for peace of mind that you have premium protection. AR500 Armor takes things a step further by offering body armor that’s maintenance and care free, meaning it lasts a a lifetime and doesn’t have too many cleaning requirements. Body Armor and all the products AR500 Armor offers are only sold to responsible law-abiding civilians, along with law enforcement officers, and members of the military who are residents of the United States. Military personnel, law enforcement members, and first responders even get a multi-use AR500 Armor discount code to use on their purchases, giving them 10% off body armor, plate carriers, and many more. If you’re a civilian, you can still get a 10% discount too by signing up for AR500 Armor emails. also offers AR500 Armor promo codes and coupons you can use for a discount on top quality body armor.

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AR500 ARMOR Coupons and Deals

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AR500 ARMOR Coupons

The privately held business, AR500 Armor was launched in 2012, along with a line of ballistic armor and body armor solutions. The mission behind launching this brand into the industry was to provide high quality, reliable products so customers could get value for their money. All products are manufactured in-house, giving AR500 Armor full control from material acquisition to the end product, so they can guarantee top quality products every time. These products are available for purchase from authorized dealers in the United States and online where you can get them at lower prices, thanks to AR500 Armor deals.

AR500 Armor makes and provides tools of liberty such as body armor, plate carriers, and tactical accessories to be used in the line of defense. Body armor in particular is available in different designs such as Soft Body Armor and Hard Body Armor of different levels. There are also different armor types, including chest, side, and back armor, plus trauma pads, backpack armor, and helmets to ensure you’re protected from head to toe. You can also buy apparel from this brand, such as AR500 Swag, headgear, shirts, and gloves to wear under your armor. The accessories range available includes pouches, holsters, shooting glasses, medical kits and a lot more. If you need to buy several of these items, you can still do so without spending a lot of money by using the AR500 Armor coupon codes from for a discount off everything.

The material used to manufacture AR500 Armor is what sets it apart from all the other brands. This proprietary ballistic steel has been proven time and again to be reliable and trustworthy through everything. The rigorous control standard in place during the manufacturing process also help ensure that the products made meet the brand’s ballistic resistance test standards every single time. There’s also Certification Testing done before and after production, along with Independent Lab Testing and In-house ballistic resistance testing to ensure these standards are met and you have the ultimate protection from your body armor. You can see these tests for yourself from the Armor Test Videos page which includes AR500 Armor Body Armor stress test, deformation test, and many more. Once you’re convinced this is the body armor for you, add it to your cart and buy it at a discount with an AR500 Armor discount code from

AR500 Armor Shipping Policy

All the armor AR500 Armor offers is manufactured to order so you’ll need to allow production lead times before it’s shipped to you. Once they’re ready for shipping, AR500 Armor will use FedEx or USPS to deliver your armor to you. Delivery time once your order is in transit may take 2 to 5 business days, depending on your location. Any shipping fees charged will be indicated on the checkout page when you place your order.

AR500 Armor Return Policy

You can request store credit or an exchange for all AR500 Armor products, except for medical and level IV body armor, within 30 days from the time of delivery. A return label will be sent to you via email after your request has been received, then you can send the order back for inspection. If it meets the required conditions, your store credit or exchange will be processed within 3 to 5 business days.

AR500 Armor Saving Tips

If you want to save on quality body armor, check the AR500 Armor promotions page on the website where you’ll find coupon codes to use on select purchases. All products available at an AR500 Armor discount will be listed in this section along with the percentage discount you’ll get when you order it.