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Have you ever dreamed to wake up one day and find out you were royalty? It might be a bit of a stretch, but if there is one chance in a million to find out for certain, Ancestry.com is the one that can deliver the answer. With multiple membership options, promo codes and seasonal discounts, not to mention a special ‘AncestryDNA’ extra feature, this website provides a unique world-wide service to help you retrace your family history.

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ancestry.com Coupons and Deals

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Connecting With Your Family History on Ancestry.com Is Priceless

Ancestry.com provides an international service for those who are looking to recreate their family tree: finding unexpected ancestors, meeting relatives across the world you didn’t even suspect to have, or simply mapping your ethnic mix - anything you wish to know about your story. As the website itself reminds you, ‘your family story is the story that leads to you’.

Watch your family tree coming to life by adding your information, and wait for the archives to unfold something about your family history. Every time a little leaf-shaped hint matches a possible relative, you can choose to add them to your tree - how cool is that? AncestryDNA, the most special tool, will enhance your chances to learn about your past and present by comparing your DNA to the archive samples. Order your kit, give a sample of saliva, mail it to the company, and expect a result within 6-8 weeks. Either you are curious about your ethnic origins or you are actively looking for long-lost family members, this feature is your best chance to create real connections through space and time.

The more information you add, the more you will find - not to mention, you will help the archive grow and your potential relatives find you. More than 7 million people have already added their contribution to this incredible archive.

Memberships start from a national package (for example, ‘U.S. Discovery’ will give you access to the U.S. records on Ancestry.com), and you can expand your search by becoming a ‘World Explorer’ (with access to the company’s world records). The ‘All Access’ package, for those who just can’t stop, will also include external databases to look at. You might want to get a taste with a monthly subscription, or benefit from the 6-month deal; free cancellation is available any time in both cases.

Have a look at their deals now - literally every member plan is on sale - or buy a Gift Membership for someone you love. There’s not best gift than the story of your life.

Best Genealogy Websites to Trace Your Origins

The axiom “know where you come from” still holds true. Looking at one’s family tree can teach more than one’s ethnical components and brush aside any annoying confusion on your identity.