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Alamy is a globally recognized online provider of high-resolution images. The company adds over 100,000 new images daily from photographers and photo agencies worldwide. Plus, Alamy offers competitive pricing to help designers, marketing departments, publishers and various web professionals purchase quality images at the lowest rates.

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Alamy offers thousands of images across all categories, at all times. As a leading online provider of images, Alamy works with photographers and photo agencies in 173 countries. This enables Alamy to constantly update its image inventory and add more than 100,000 images daily. As a result, Alamy's collection includes more than 125 million images – and counting.

At Alamy, only the best images are available to publishers, marketing departments, designers and web professionals. Alamy backs its images with outstanding customer service and a simple, intuitive and quick online experience. Anyone can become an Alamy contributor too. For those who want to sign up as contributors, Alamy offers a seamless registration process. And after an individual becomes a contributor, Alamy offers a 50-50 commission split on all images.

Alamy is a subscription- and hassle-free service, which means buyers won't have to worry about a long-term contract. Instead, buyers can use Alamy to buy the right images at their convenience. Meanwhile, Alamy pricing starts as low as $19.99.

Also, Alamy is committed to philanthropy. Since 2007, Alamy has donated over $6 million to a variety of worthy causes, including DNA and cancer research and educational research. Alamy even supports charitable projects designed to improve health education and self-sufficiency in underserved communities.

More than 110,000 buyers regularly use Alamy to find superb images. In addition, Alamy provides promo codes and discounts to help buyers discover great images at low prices. That way, buyers can use Alamy day after day to purchase top-notch images at budget-friendly rates.