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Founded by an eye doctor, AC Lens is a full service eyewear company, that desires to provide eyewear solutions and help customers save money. With a no-question asked return policy as well as extensive options, AC Lens is able to supply your eye care needs. Get additional savings using a coupon code.

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ACLens Coupons and Deals

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AC Lens is a full service online retailer that sells all eye and eyewear needs. A pioneer in the online eye service industry, AC Lens provided and still continues to provide for eyes and eye needs at an affordable price. offers even more coupons to take advantage of the great prices they offer. AClens product offerings include a wide variety of eye instrumentation. Firstly, they offer all types of contacts. This includes Disposables, which can be daily, monthly etc., Toric (Astigmatism) contacts, and colored contact among quite a few other choices. Additionally, the site has remember to include famous Halloween contacts in their supply as well. If you are searching for glasses, you can shop according to frame type, brand, color, shape, or by gender. The same categories are available for sunglasses as well. Sunglasses can also be made with a prescription to match regular glasses. If a strong prescription is not needed, there are readers that will help with magnification available on the site.

AC Lens also features items that are helpful for everyday or specific eye conditions. There are cosmetics such as sensitive eye mascaras, makeup glasses and other cosmetic instruments. For allergy sufferers or for those with eye conditions there are dry eye and red eye treatments. Contact wearers can purchase contact cases, inserts, and cleaning or disinfecting solutions during their shopping. Safety glasses and goggles for experiments and swimming are among the inventory, as well. The site also has other eyecare items such as jewelry chains to adorn and beautify glasses, magnifying jewelry such as magnification pendants on necklaces, and vitamins and supplements to help with eye care and to strengthen eyes. With ACLens, your eyes are in good hands!

Using Company Benefits to Save On Your Prescriptions

Using Company Benefits to Save On Your Prescriptions

That annual eye check-up could result in a brand-new prescription, so it’s best to know how to save on eyewear costs ahead of time. has been providing great deals on true quality lenses and eyewear for over two decades.