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Find out what your DNA says about your health, traits and ancestry for only $199.

Find Distant DNA Relatives Thanks to 23andMe Genetic Testing Services

23andMe is a leading provider of DNA genetic testing and analysis. The company strives to help people learn about and understand the human genome. It is built on science and makes evidence-driven ancestry and health conclusions based on a customer's DNA.

Two 23 and Me services are available: an ancestry service and a health + ancestry service. The 23andMe ancestry service provides an individual with a breakdown of his or her global ancestry. That way, an individual can use the test to connect with DNA relatives. Meanwhile, the health + ancestry service offers access to more than 75 online reports related to an individual's health, ancestry, traits and much more.

23andMe provides a fast, efficient process for individuals to learn about the DNA. The company provides a home-based saliva collection kit that arrives within three to five days. Next, an individual will need to spit into a provided tube and send the tube back to the 23andMe lab in a pre-paid package. Within six to eight weeks, an individual then will receive his or her DNA testing results.

Today, 23andMe offers comprehensive services to provide DNA insights that individuals may struggle to obtain elsewhere. It also provides promo codes and coupons to help make its DNA testing services affordable to individuals around the globe.

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