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Webex is one of the newest ways to have an online conference call. You can use Webex on any device and get HD quality and video at a moment’s notice. This secure app allows you to use video conference calling, group messaging, whiteboarding, and file sharing. Webex creates online meeting products that have an array of features to help businesses easily collaborate and work productively. This includes modes of screen sharing, annotating, and visually developing ideas. Their products are hassle-free and are highly efficient for companies that are dedicated to working with others and strive to build long lasting relationships. Promocodes.com offers Promo codes and discounts for Cisco Webex Video Conferencing plans. Top features are group messaging, video meetings, interactive drawing, secure cloud workspaces, screenshare, file sharing and more. Webex is perfect for small to mid-sized businesses and by using our promo codes you can save on this amazing service.

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    WebEx Coupons and Deals

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    Webex Review: Easy Video Conferencing

    Webex is one of the newest ways you can video conference on any device of your choice. Other video conference services focus mainly on video calls (as they should). However, Webex is a platform that is specifically designed for business purposes. It’s a secure app that allows you to use video conference calling, group messaging, whiteboarding, and file sharing. This allows it to be a perfect video conferencing tool for small to mid-sized businesses. Of course, you can always use it for personal video calls as well as it is designed to function perfectly for that too.

    Webex prides itself on creating secure collaboration & meetings products that are reliable when it comes to digitally sharing valuable content. This is a factor that emphasizes the loyalty of Webex and their products. Additionally, the success of Webex is in the numbers; their website states that “93% of Fortune 100 companies use Cisco Webex products for collaboration,” which is yet another factor outlining their reliability.

    Webex allows companies to easily collaborate without any technical difficulties. Ultimately, this facet connects companies and brings them together, which is the main objective of Webex. They are also committed to having the most simple and easy-to-use online meeting system in order to appeal to a broader demographic.

    When it comes to file sharing and screen sharing, Webex doesn’t lose out. You can share your screen with everyone in your conference call for any spreadsheet, document, or application for your business needs. If you are hosting the call, you can even record the meeting to either share it or look back on it later. Crowd size is not a problem for your conference call on Webex because you can host up to 40,000 people with ease. The Webex device will help you to have the best video conferencing experience for your business anytime and anywhere. If you want to save on this fantastic service, just use our promo codes for a great discount.

    The company offers multiple pricing plans to choose from so that their customers can plan accordingly. This is a helpful addition to their website, along with the option of getting a free trial to test out the products. For Webex, the customer always comes first, and their business model proves it. The use of a Cisco Webex promo code would be a great addition in gaining the best value for Webex’s products. You can try Webex Meetings free for 30 days. If you want to continue with Cisco Webex Meetings, then the company offers 4 plans. Starter, Plus, Business and Enterprise.

    The basic plan starts with $13.50 per host/month. With the starter plan, you can host unlimited meetings for any duration. Up to 50 team members can participate in a meeting. The starter plan offers 5 GB Cloud Recording and storage. The business plan offers 10GB and the enterprise solution offers unlimited cloud recording and storage. You can pay annually or monthly.

    Webex also offers quick classes to help customers when any questions they may have. They also have a Collaboration Help Portal as an additional resource, which goes to show the dedication to their product.