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Every lady who’s ever owned a pair of tights or panty hose knows the pain of trying to handle those as delicately as possible so they don’t rip while you’re wearing them. Even the life-saving hack of using clear nail polish to stop a little snag on your tights from turning into a full on ladder is a must-know trick for every woman. With a name like pulling socks, you’d think they were made for pulling without turning into fishing nets. Well, now they are. Thanks to Sheertex Sheers, now you can get tights that are as tough as you. Tougher even! Made from a unique patent-pending blend, these bulletproof tights have stood every test imaginable and remained standing. No matter how much you pull on them with that set of freshly manicured nails, Sheertex Sheers won’t let you down or leave you with a tight full of holes. Sheertex Sheers are available in a variety of designs, styles, and shades so every woman can enjoy the convenience and comfort they offer. Besides being super strong and durable, Sheertex Sheers have other features added to give you the ultimate comfy tights. These features include moisture wicking and dig free waistbands. When you put them on, they’ll feel as comfy as putting on a second skin—one that’s cooler and doesn’t need a hundred products to look good or feel soft to the touch. Considering that the tights are said to be stronger than steel, you’re probably thinking wearing them will feel like having a ball and chain around your ankle. While they’re made to be so tough, the tights are actually lighter than water. They won’t feel much different from the ordinary tights you’re used to (except the fact that wearing Sheertex Sheers won’t feel like a special reconnaissance mission). Toss those nail-polish reinforced tights away and get tights that are built to last through anything with Sheertex Sheers coupons from

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Sheertex Coupons and Deals

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Sheertex Coupons

Sheertex is an apparel company behind the invention of a patent-pending stretch sheer knit created to provide women with indestructible sheer tights. The material used to make these Sheertex Sheers is said to be an ultra-high molecular weight polythene that’s normally used for bullet-proof vests and climbing equipment. In spite of this, the tights look and feel like the regular tights women wear. Sheertex Sheers are said to be the strongest sheer tights in the world, reusable, and tested up to 50 wears. With Sheertex Sheers discount codes from, you can get your legs in these indestructible tights for a lower price.

Every product available from Sheertex Sheers is listed under the All Products section. It’s basically a sheer wonderland; with Classic Sheers, sheers that glitter and others that glow, shaping sheers, polka-dot sheers, thigh-highs and knee-highs; even jumbo scrunchies and sheer shorts. Each type of sheer is shown with its price and the variations of colors available. When you click on the product you want to purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page that shows more details about it, including its unique features, benefits, how it was made, care instructions, and shipping information. Once you select your size and quantity, you can add the product you want to buy to your cart for purchase. With some products, you can get Sheertex Sheers discounts when you buy more than one pair so you get more for less.

The Staples section specifically has all the types of tights Sheertex Sheers stocks including opaque, shaping, footless, luxe, and ultrasheers. Some of their products are only available in limited quantities and these are listed under the Limited Edition tab. These include jumbo scrunchies, lattice tights, heart sheers and many more. Shop the world’s first pair of unbreakable sheers at a price that won’t break your bank with Sheertex Sheers coupon codes from You can see for yourself just how great these tights are as compared to others from videos on their YouTube channel.

Nothing’s worse than not knowing what to give your loved ones to celebrate their birthday or the holidays. With the Sheertex Sheers gift pack and digital gift cards, you’ll always give the best gift. The gift pack is perfect as something you can give in person. It comes with a physical gift card valued for the set price of $64, as well as a pair of complimentary Swizzle Socks and a personalized note. The digital gift card has more flexible options with regards to value, with amounts available from $100 to $500. The customized code will be sent to your inbox after you choose the amount you want.

Sheertex Sheers Shipping Policy

Shipping details are provided on the product details page as well as at checkout. Free shipping applies to all US orders over $70.

Sheertex Sheers Return Policy

Sheertex Sheers are so confident about the toughness of their tights that they offer a 30-Day Toughness Guarantee. If you break your tights, they’ll send you a replacement within 30 days of your delivery date, at no additional cost. Otherwise, all products are considered final sale since they are an intimates product.

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