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If you own a car, you’ve likely suffered a cracked or broken car window, rear windshield, or windshield. Whether it’s a hairline crack or a gaping hole, it can affect your view of the road, as well as your safety. If left unattended, it might lead to even more damage to your car. Safelite provides an effective solution to such problems through auto glass repair and replacement services. Millions of people love and trust Safelite and you can see just how good their services are from the customer reviews available on the website. Since there are more than 700 Safelite locations nationwide, Safelite offers a Nationwide Warranty so you can get help with any covered issue no matter where you are in the U.S. In case you can’t get to these locations for your scheduled service, Safelite has a mobile servicing option to bring the auto glass services to you. From everything the company offers, including Safelite deals on the best auto glass servicing, it’s easy to see that the company truly cares about its customers. Another thing you’ll love about Safelite is the windshield glass recycling program. Safelite is committed to reducing the impact of its services on the environment through this program, having recycled 6.1 million windshields since 2012 to date. With Safelite coupons and discount codes from Promocodes.com, you can save on the best auto glass service in the industry, provided by a company that cares about you, your car, and your environment.

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Safelite Coupons and Deals

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Safelite Coupons

From its humble beginnings in one location opened in 1947, Safelite has grown into the largest auto glass specialist company in the country with over 700 locations across the nation. Whatever kind of glass you need for your car, Safelite guarantees that they’ll have it, at the best price too. Whether you need a replacement or repair, there’s a Safelite deal just for you to get your auto glass needs taken care of.

Safelite’s success is a result of the company’s commitment to providing caring customer service whenever you need it, plus innovative technology that ensures the best results for windshield glass fittings, and mobile services if you’re tied up and can’t go to any of their locations to get your glass needs taken care of. The services Safelite provides are listed under the Services menu on the website. These include Glass Services such as windshield repair and replacement, back glass replacement, and side window replacement.

Other services available are power window repair and safety systems recalibration. You can find out more about these services by clicking it to see more details. If you need the service, click the ‘Get Quote + Schedule’ button for a quotation and scheduling a time for the service. Make sure you save on your auto glass services by using Safelite coupons from Promocodes.com for a discount.

To schedule a service, you’ll need to pick a Safelite location where you can take your vehicle. The locations section can help you find Safelite locations close to you after you enter your city, state or ZIP code. You can also click ‘Use current location’ for the website to automatically detect where you are and find Safelite locations near there. There’s also the option to view all stores, which works great if there aren’t any stores near you and you want to see which of the locations available you can get to. Once you’ve made your appointment, the details will be provided in the My Appointment section, where you can confirm your scheduled service or request a re-schedule if you won’t be able to make it on the agreed upon date.

The Safelite Resource Center has articles covering various topics to entertain and inform you. For example, you can read the article on how to remove stickers from your car glass without leaving a mess or find out about the many car technology systems available. You can also learn more about auto glass technology from the auto glass parts guide, which contains information on the types, functions, and safety features of the various auto glass panes on your car.

In 2005, Safelite created the Safelite Autoglass Foundation as a way of giving back. This foundation supports organizations committed to improving the health and well-being of families with monetary and non-monetary contributions, as well as volunteering.

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One thing that makes Safelite unqiue is its National Warranty, available on all products and craftsmanship. The guarantee applies for as long as you own or are leasing your vehicle. The ‘national’ nature of the warranty indicates that the warranty applies at any location in the United States.

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Get a discount on your auto glass repairs and replacements by using Safelite promo codes and coupons from Promocodes.com when you schedule a service.