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Quahog Bay Bedding has developed a unique concept on bedding. Sheets that can size up or down as well as those reinforced for beds that split, are two of the main types of sheets carried by Quahog bay bedding. Additionally, those who are looking for sheets for boats, look no further as that is the specialty of this retailer. Buy sheets that fit and will last and shave off some of the price when you visit

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Quahog Bay Bedding Coupons and Deals

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Bold Bedding and Boldly Low Prices at Quahog Bay Bedding

Quahog Bay Bedding designs bedding products that fit unconventional lifestyles. They got their start designing sheets for boat bedding when the founder could find none. He created numerous ideas before finally coming up with the CinchFit sheet design. it utilizes special cord that locks to fit a mattress. With this component, the sheet could now universally fit all mattresses.

More recently the company expanded into home bedding. The cinch fit sheet design carried over and a new design was added known as the Split Flex Head sheets. These are designed to handle the stress in the center of split flex mattresses. Additionally you can also find sheets to fit RVs and its bedding. aside from sheets the company does sell other items. For boats and home, there are options for pads and toppers for the beds, slipcovers, blankets comfort and quilts sets. There are also items for the kitchen such as linens, as well as items for the rest of the boat and home. RVs are also offered the same products as boats with the exception of slipcovers, as well as curtains are exclusive to the boats.

QBB also has a blog that talks about the products and their various uses and well as some home and boating lifestyle articles. If you're looking for a reason to update your home,boat or RV, and are tired of buying new sheets or linens, try Quahog Bay Bedding for superior options and check to see what you can take off of your purchase.