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Q Link Wireless is a perfect choice for anyone who has struggled to get a cell phone in the past. If it’s for financial reasons, this company may help smooth the way and assist you with the qualification process for a free phone and service. If you qualify for Section 8, Medicare, veteran’s benefits, or meet income requirements, you may get a free phone, free minutes, and free data (with a cap) with this company.

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Q Link Wireless Coupons and Deals

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Save A Bundle On Your Wireless Phone & Service

Q Link Wireless is a company that, while not being a household name, has more than 2 million U.S. customers that have all qualified for free service — including data — and a free cell phone.

How does it work? The government actually subsidizes these phones for in-need customers through the Lifeline program, and that includes a wide variety of individuals, like those who qualify for Section 8, Medicare recipients, and low-income families. There is no catch, but you must apply and qualify.

QLink is licensed in many states across the U.S., but not all, and that’s a consideration that consumers have to make. Once they’re in, however, the plan is generous, the customer service excellent, and the phone itself is high-quality. These phones are subsidized by the U.S. government, through a special tax, and that makes it possible for everyone to get a phone who needs one. Many of these customers live in highly rural areas and need assistance, and the “Lifeline” name seems all the more appropriate.

QLink Wireless has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission to serve Lifeline customers, and that means it has gone through a rigorous licensure process. From security to account verification to your personal information, the company ensures that all your information stays safe. And its operations are all in-house in the United States, including sales, customer service, and technical support.

Q Link also offers promotional opportunities to its customers. Not only can you use Q Link coupon codes from, but you can maximize your savings by taking advantage of referral codes and special opportunities.