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Italian leather is the best in the world. Waterproof Italian leather is better and that’s what Italeau is. Ital for Italy + Eau which is french for water. Italeau sells designer waterproof leather women’s shoes like booties, laser cut, sneakers, and western styles. Make sure to use our coupons and promo codes.

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ITALEAU Coupons and Deals

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Italeau: The Best Waterproof Leather

Italian leather is like the poster child of luxury, until waterproof Italian leather came along and took its spot. Italeau is a designer Italian leather shoe store designed by taking inspiration from the past of an old world craft of Italian shoemaking and combined it with soft and durable waterproof leather to make a functional and luxurious shoe. They offer four women’s styles: Booties, Laser cut, Sneakers, and Western. All of their shoes are stylish and are sure to compliment every outfit you have. Italeau is not like any other shoe company, they are serious about their mission which is in their name, Ital-Eau, Ital stands for Italy and Eau is water in French.

Italeau is passionate about their shoes being expertly constructed because they take pride in the heritage, artistry, and craftsmanship. The shoe you get from Italeau is the real deal, it is luxurious, beautiful, and fit for you to wear. Not only that, it is also mindful of how it is created in Italy with fairly paid and protected craftsmen. And, when you buy Italeau shoes, you are supporting Water.org and organization that provides clean water for the developing world.

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