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For affordable and easy home genetic testing, HomeDNA offers a few different types of DNA testing that can identify family relationships, ancestry, and best practices for health. Home DNA preserves the safety of your DNA and with over 1 million samples handled per year, it's a trusted source to provide answers. Check for more incentives!

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Find information and help your wallet feel at home with a HomeDNA testing kit

HomeDNA allows you to be in power by unlocking information contained within your genetic code. The HomeDNA kits are geared toward finding out different information, whether it is determining paternity, finding or confirming familial ties or ancestry, determining proper skin care regimens or developing a plan for weight management, HomeDNA does it with ease. Kits are found online and are available at some major retailers as well. Home testing is relatively simple as it only requires a swab of one cheek before sending it off in the mail for analysis. HomeDNA is unlike most other DNA testing companies.

HomeDNA is different in that it has its own lab that does the testing and analysis. This ensures the safety of your DNA, as well as the samples are destroyed afterward. This is a practice that not all other companies employ. Dna results are also not sold to third parties and remain confidential between you and the company. This is another practice that may not be the same in other DNA testing companies. Home DNA gives back to other and has helped with the Innocence Project, which aims to exonerate innocent individuals. Through the use of testing, they have assisted with the exoneration of at least seven individuals. The HomeDNA laboratory is experienced, as they have handled over 1 million samples per year, and over 10 million worldwide. They have also dealt with forensics and have been used by celebrities and tv shows! If you are looking for a cost effective and simple way to glean more information from your DNA, can help you take advantage of all that HomeDNA has to offer.