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Dreamzy is a revolutionary mattress that has origins in Europe. The sleep system is a great concept for those with allergies and those who love either a firm or soft bed. Promocodes.com discount coupons make sure that the bed is within reach and those who need it can finally make a change and experience better sleep. Use discount codes and coupons for dreamzy and save on handmade German mattresses, 2-in-1 Pillows, 2-in-1 Comforters and much more. Buy a set and save up to $179 today.

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dreamzy Coupons and Deals

dreamzy Review: Dream on with Dreamzy Mattresses

Dreamzy has its foundations in a company known as Zaren mattress. This was a German owned brand that had a Dreamzy mattress which was loved across Europe but had no counterpart here in the US. Dreamzy’s quality was unmatched in the US. The founder has a desire to create something similar within the US and flew to Germany to consult with the brand to make it a reality. Dreamzy mattress are handmade and have a cooling top which allows the sleeper to remain cool and disperse heat. with Bio-Ceramic fibers, which help to increase blood flow during sleep so that bodily processes are more efficient and quality of sleep is increased. They also feature Certified organic fibers and other high end detailing. These include hand stitched seams. Piped edges and well as handles for ease of movement. The mattress is great for those who have allergies as a silver lining ensures that it is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant while special 3d siding allows her to disperse comfortably. For those who love both firmness and softness, the bed flips between both sides to allow for either a firm or soft feel. The Dreamy bed offers quality as well as affordability. Aside from just the mattress, a whole system the Dreamzy sleep system allows users to reap even more benefits. Offering a comforter and a pillow made with bio ceramic fibers allows for even better blood flow. Price points are reasonable for what the mattress offers, however savings are available on Promocodes.com. The company offers a 100 night free trial and 12 year warranty for customers and wants to stress that they make a mattress for everybody because to sleep better means to live better.