Best Monthly Subscriptions for the Safe Budgeter

Best Monthly Subscriptions for the Safe Budgeter

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamAug 05, 20134 min read

Monthly subscription services have become all the rage. With the luxury of staying at home, the built-in discounts and endless variety, consumers have taken to the well-rounded convenience like moths to a flame. Sometimes though, you never know whether a subscription will live up to the benefits pitched on company websites. It’s a gamble to say the least.

We’ve seen subscriptions range from health food and shaving razors to deluxe makeup samples and even coffee. With such a wide multitude of services to choose from, it’s hard to figure out where to place your loyalties. Let us explore some of our favorite subscription services:


If you’re an avid collector of beauty products all shapes and sizes, you know it’s a hobby that never ends. There is always a newly discovered brand vying for your attention and it’s hard to maintain focus on what actually works for you. The Hairstyler is a great service that lets you play with thousands of hairstyles and cosmetics, with your own face as the test subject. It’s almost like a virtual game. You can try on makeup and experiment with over 8,000 hairstyles, including 80 colors and highlights. A three-month membership only costs $14.95 (and 10 percent less than that with code JULYHAIR13). The Hairstyler is the perfect tool for discovering what styles work for you before you buy.


Julep’s Maven Box

Julep will take it from there. This monthly subscription boutique sends you “Maven Boxes” in the mail, tailored to your needs based on a preliminary style quiz. These boxes contain innovative nail colors, cult favorites and new beauty products. It’s always a fun surprise to see what will come in the mail next. Shoppers can become mavens, which implies exclusivity like you're part of a team of enthusiastic beauty lovers. Mavens receive products for 20 percent off the normal price (and an additional 10 percent off with code PCWINJULEP). Consistently positive reviews and statements like “I’ve never been disappointed with a box!” are abundant.


Belonging to a members-only clothing site has its perks. For one, you pay for prices substantially lower than current market listings. ShoeDazzle is one of the best sites for shoes, where you can gain access to top trends, personalized picks (you take a quiz to discover your style), and members-only prices. Membership is free, and right now through you can get 25 percent off shoes, handbags and accessories with code HEELS25. It’s the ideal way to receive real consultations from A-list stylists based on your preferences.


ShoeDazzle’s Personalized Picks

The clothing version of ShoeDazzle, MyHabit also provides free membership and up to 60 percent off brands. A baby of, and it was their mission to help customers shop intelligently from a selection of designer and boutique brands. With the extensive knowledge and scope Amazon has on deals across the apparel industry, you can shop safely knowing Amazon has done the careful merchandizing for you.

I know what you’re wondering—but is there a subscription service that sends underwear to my door? Me Undies is your answer. Understanding that designer underwear tends to cost 10 times more on average than it does to make, Me Undies offers not only comfortable undies, but comfortable prices. Underwear enthusiasts can eliminate brick and mortar stores, retail middlemen and burdensome licensing fees while getting a new pair of cozy undies.


When your pooch or kitty starts to follow you around the house, you know it’s time to buy new food. It’s clockwork to predict when a bag of food will be finished, so why not receive regular deliveries? PetFlow acknowledges that we all live busy lives, and running to the store to buy pet food is just another one of those errands that steals time from our daily lives.


Pet Food Delivered Straight to Your Door

PetFlow is the best alternative, offering delivery on over 150 brands of pet food, treats and supplies. Plus, when you purchase a 30-lb bag (saving as much as 20 percent by buying bulk), the FedEx guy can take care of the heavy lifting for you. PetFlow ships over a million pounds of food monthly, so many have realized the benefits of pet food delivery.

The Whole Shebang

Amazon Subscribe & Save is far and away the best and most inexpensive option for subscription delivery. Across-the-board 15 percent off discounts and a sweet selection of daily essentials—laundry supplies, coffee pods, Lysol wipes, toilet paper—makes it the obvious choice for the stay-at-home consumer. You can select the frequency and monthly intervals with which to receive orders. Free shipping is also included. It’s modern shopping, and boy, is it fun for your wallet.

It’s only logical to take advantage of these monthly subscription services. You can cut out wasting gas while driving to the store, having orders placed conveniently on your doorstep, and buy knowing you received a great discount. As always, we’ll have price reductions for you to use upon placing your subscription. Subscribe and save today!