Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: May 23, 2014

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  May 23, 2014

HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND EVERYONE! We hope that you all have had a wonderful week and have some fun plans for the long weekend. It is especially important that between the pool parties, beach trips, and barbeque gatherings, we remember the importance of the weekend. Here at the PromotionalCodes Headquarters, we would like to thank those who have served and those currently serving our country to keep us safe and free. Have a wonderful and safe weekend savvy savers and be sure to check out the AMAZING sales going on!




Ice packs not only take up valuable space in the freezer, but they are also unnecessary costs. Whatever the injury may be, we have a quick and easy solution for you. Saturate a sponge and put it in a plastic bag in the freezer. Once frozen, it makes the perfect ice pack and it won’t make a big mess like a bag of melting ice. The best part is that you can keep reusing the sponge, so it is a great use of money.




Summer is getting closer and many of us are doing our best to get our bodies ready for the beach. This probably means more working out and better eating habits. If you are finding it too difficult to portion your food, try using a smaller plate. Not only will you not be able to fit more food on the plate, but it also may trick your brain into thinking that you are eating more than you really are. It is still important to be eating healthy food when you are doing this though!




Time and time again we have said how expensive it is to go to the movies, yet we still go. Instead of heading to the local theater, you should look into your local film school’s schedule. They not only screen classic, independent, and student films, but they also bring in great speakers. You can try something new and spend significantly less money at the same time!




Summertime means spending time near or on the water. If you are looking for a new and innovative way to store your beverages, without missing out on any of the action, then give this a try. Run rope through pool noodles and wrap them around a plastic tube. Then fill the tube up with ice and your favorite drinks, and you are ready for a great time. You can stay in the water and stay hydrated.




From trying new recipes to making old favorites, it is fun to cook, expect when the smells linger far past the preparation and actual eating time. Instead of smelling like your dinner for the rest of the night/day, try running your fingers under water while rubbing a stainless steel spoon. This should neutralize the smell. You can also use a few drops of lemon juice to cut the smell, just be careful if you have any cuts because it may sting.


Again, have a great weekend and don’t forgot to thank those you serve our country!


xoxo Team Promotional Codes

Shannon Hanrahan Shannon Hanrahan Shannon is a LA transplant from Philadelphia and a social media junkie. When she is not Pinteresting or Instagraming away, she enjoys eating dessert first, traveling to new places, and being a self-proclaimed DIY expert (aka HGTV addict).

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