Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: March 21, 2014

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  March 21, 2014

Happy Friday Everyone! We hope that you had a fantastic week and were able to get in on the St. Patrick’s Day luck! Spring is officially upon us, and we couldn’t be any happier. Although we did not have a bad winter here in Santa Monica, we know that many other parts of the country did, so we are excited for them to enjoy the warm weather again. As the temperatures get hotter, so will our offers, so be sure to keep checking with us to get the season’s best deals on travel, fashion, home, and more!




One of the most difficult parts of having money is keeping track of your spending. If you want to know exactly where your paychecks are going, keep a money log. This way at the end of the month you will know where you are spending the most money and where you are possibly wasting the most amount of money. Try it for a bit, and you might find yourself being more aware and becoming a better spender in the end.




Getting manicures gets expensive, and so many times they only last for a few days before chipping. This new trick will make painting your own nails so much easier and faster! Just grab a bottle of Elmer’s Glue and put glue around your nails and let it dry. Then when you are painting your nails, you don’t have to worry about getting polish on your skin because you will be able to just peel the glue off when you are done and be left with perfectly painted nails.




Berries are so delicious, but they do not last very long after purchasing them. Instead of having to throw them out after a few days because they went moldy, try this flash boil trick to keep them fresher longer. Dip the berries in boiling water for 30 seconds, and then lay them on a towel to dry before repacking them. You will be surprised how many more days you can enjoy your berries!




Gas is expensive, so try to do everything in your power to get the most out of your tank of gas. This trick is easy and could save you 2% on your MPG. Remove all of the excess storage you have in your backseat and trunk to keep your car as light as possible. This should help you to get more miles to the gallon and is safer, since you aren’t storing things in your car and making it a target for theft.




If you suffer from a mild case of Athlete’s Foot and are tired of purchasing the expensive sprays and creams to clear it up, try an at home solution! Grab sugarless mouthwash from your bathroom and soak a cotton ball in the solution. Once you are ready, apply it to the affected area. Repeat this for a week or so to kill the bacteria and hopefully it will clear up your Athlete’s Foot. Check out these other uses for mouthwash by Readers Digest.


Have a safe and fantastic weekend!


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