Putting The Lids on this Week's Tip Jars: September 20, 2013

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  September 20, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! We hope that you all had a great week and are as excited as we are for the weekend! Speaking of, the time has officially come to say farewell to Summer and hello to Fall! Sunday marks the beginning of Autumn. How are you planning on getting your savings on this season?!



In addition to the potassium, magnesium, and manganese that help to remove stains and whiten, the calcium and vitamin D found in bananas are great at strengthening teeth and helping them absorb needed minerals better. Check it out in this Southeast Family Dentist article: http://bit.ly/UCrB48




There are definite advantages to both bar and liquid soap respectively, but whatever your preference is, it has been shown that we spend more money on liquid soap.  A large part of this is because for a typical visit to the sink, “we use about 50 percent more liquid soap (3.5 grams) than bar soap (0.23 grams)”, therefore need to buy it more often. Check it out in this Huff Post article: Chemical Marketplace: Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap 




Time and time again, yellow mustard has proven to help relieve the pain that comes with a burn. In addition, many people have seen that after applying the mustard, it has prevented their skin from blistering. Two great results! Check out all these real life examples found on the National Mustard Museum’s site here http://mustardmuseum.com/burn-relief/




Massages are amazing: simple as that. The best part about them though, is that they don’t have to be an “every once and a while thing” that you indulge in on vacation. Today, the ones at your local hospital or chiropractor as just as good! I have gotten both types of massages and can honestly say that medical massages are my favorite because I get everything I want out of my massage, but I am not draining my wallet. If you are still not convinced that massages are for you, check out this Mayo Clinic article about the benefits it can have on your health: http://mayocl.in/ex4Mce




It is true that energy bills can get extremely high, whether you live in an apartment or have a house of your own, and you are probably left each month wondering how you could have racked up that much in energy costs. Well check out this Daily Finance article about it and see if you are guilty of leaving these items plugged in all day, letting them consume energy (even when they are off): http://aol.it/s5sSyP


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