Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  October 10, 2014

Happy Friday Everyone! After a long week, I hope that you all have something fun or at the very least productive to do this weekend. With Halloween only a few weeks away, this is the perfect weekend to get a head start on your decorating, costume making, and party planning. Hopefully you have a pumpkin patch trip planned for the very near future. There are so many ways to decorate your house for Halloween and fall as a whole with pumpkins, but probably the most important way is by creating your very own Jack O’ Lantern. I am already searching for the perfect design to create this year so that I can win my apartment’s competition. If you are like me, and can’t imagine celebrating Halloween without one, make sure you prep first so that you aren’t left with a moldy pumpkin and no scary decorations come the actual day. So to keep your craving fresh, fill a bucket or tub with a mixture of water and a little bit of bleach. Then once you have finished your masterpiece, place your pumpkin into the solution for about 8 hours. Then if you want a little extra protection, spray a bleach/water mixture every couple of days to keep any mold away! This way you aren’t wasting any money on a pumpkin that won’t last and you get to celebrate Halloween just a little bit longer!





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Shannon Hanrahan Shannon Hanrahan Shannon is a LA transplant from Philadelphia and a social media junkie. When she is not Pinteresting or Instagraming away, she enjoys eating dessert first, traveling to new places, and being a self-proclaimed DIY expert (aka HGTV addict).

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