Mind-Blowing Technology You Didn't Know You Could Buy

By Justin Hun  •  July 01, 2014

If you think about how fast technology has moved in the past few years you can probably imagine how different life must have been when you were a child. I didn’t get a cell phone until my second year in high school and it was a brick-like Nextel phone that didn’t have Internet or text. Today we can be found heads slumped down in hand-held devices and behind digital screens. But with more advances we can also assume it can improve our lives as well. Here is an accumulation of some amazing and mind-blowing technology that is leading the way for the future.


Mind-Blowing Technology


Devon Tread Watch and G-Shock Bluetooth Watch

Watches have been a notable icon for luxury and wealth for generations. These two watches are notable for various reasons. The Devon Tread Watch is a masterpiece as far as gears and fine-tuned machines go. It resembles more of a factory machine than a watch, but it tells time in a very interesting way. Using a series of micro-conveyer belts to indicate the time, it’s mesmerizing just to see all the gears move and belts circulate on your wrist. The watch is charged through wireless induction so you never have to change the battery. Designed by a California aerospace company, Devon has reinvented the way a watch looks and operates. It’ll just set you back at the price of a new Honda Civic ($17,000).



At a more reasonable price, the G-Shock brand has been Casio’s biggest success in recent years. Trending an iconic sporty look, athletes and fashion go-getters love the design and access to stopwatch, time, date, and alarm. The Bluetooth version includes your essentials as well as a way to connect your watch to your smartphone. If you’ve got an Android or iPhone, then simply connect via Bluetooth and you’ll be able to get notified on phone calls, e-mails, and texts. The watch costs right under $200 so it won’t set you back too much. It runs on a battery that will last two years even with Bluetooth connection on—we do hope it’ll integrate Casio’s Tough Solar technology in newer models.


Amazon Fire Phone

With a recent announcement in last month’s press release, Amazon has made a huge step forward in the already hugely popular company. The Amazon Fire includes great new innovations in a highly competitive smartphone field. Jammed with a fast quad-core processor, 2GB’s of ram, 13 mega-pixel lens, dual Dolby Digital speakers, and 3D “Dynamic Perspective” screen, the Amazon Fire brings innovation more so in what it can do for you. With new phone features like “Firefly” and “Mayday,” The Amazon Fire is able to calculate solutions using real-world circumstances to help you develop better choices when it comes to shopping and getting help for the things that life brings to you. It’s available now on preorder.


Philips Aurea LCD TV

Philips is taking the way we view television and making it an emotional experience. The Aurea television produces the highest quality 1080p resolution for all your shows and movies. With 4 HDMI connectors you can also make sure that all your inputs can be seen on the Full HD 1920 x 1080p display. The television also has a 100Hz clear LCD so the two-millisecond response time guarantees you see every movement of motion. What makes the Aurea special though is the ambient lighting that shines through the outer glass frame that embraces you into what you’re viewing and makes it more comfortable for your eyes when you watch in complete darkness.


Eddie Bauer Katabatic 2 Solar Tent w/ Goal Zero Solar Panels

Eddie Bauer makes some of the best camping and adventure gear you can get. It’s no surprise that they are also the first to integrate solar panels into their tents. With a large yet compact three-person design, the Katabatic uses a double-layer covering as well as a strong and sturdy design that can be used all year long in any weather. Coupled with the Goal Zero Solar Panels and you’ve got a home away from home. These light yet strong solar panels can even attach to your bag or backpack so you can get energy throughout your hike. It’s not fit for the once-a-year camper at around $700, so you’ll have to be a camping aficionado to get your money’s worth.


Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard

If you think that touch projection is a thing of the future, then you’re wrong. Celluon has created a projection keyboard that not only works but can be used on practically any flat surface. The device is small and portable and can link with tablets, phones, and computers and Macs. With a considerable 150-minute runtime at full charge, the Magic Cube projects a full size keyboard that allows you to type messages while on the go. The coolest quality is that it continues to learn as you type and will ultimately become easier and more responsive the more you use it. It costs just $90 on Amazon, so it won’t put you in debt to have a little piece of the future.


Click and Grow Smart Garden

Click and Grow makes growing your own herbs and vegetables much easier. Combining technology with an advanced formula of soil, you can grow plants quickly and naturally. The Click and Grow system varies from herbs to fruits to vegetables, and it all fits into the convenience of your home. The advanced irrigation system waters just the right amount at the right times to ensure you don’t over- or under-water your plants even if you aren’t home. Starting at $99, you and the kids can start growing your own healthy home-grown veggies.

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