DIY St. Paddy's Day Rainbow: 101 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

By Regina Novickis  •  March 14, 2014

I’ll admit that St. Patrick’s Day was not one of my favorite holidays growing up. I’m sure that many have a contrary opinion, but what I remember most was being subjected to my mom’s infamous “corned beef and cabbage.” (Sorry, mom!) I like beef. And I like raw cabbage. I am just not a fan of it all cooked up in a stew-like fashion.

In any case, in my household I no longer celebrate with corned beef and cabbage – but I have found a way to the holiday taste to my liking. With candy!

This DIY project for St. Patty’s Day is fun for the entire family and you’ll have a tasty treat at the end.

Start with a great rainbow colored candy, such as my personal favorite – Jelly Belly! Of course, we always like to help you save money so make sure to use a Jelly Belly  coupon code for $5 off + free shipping when you order. You can also use gumballs or other candy options, but I opt for the bright colors and delicious flavors of Jelly Belly.



You can find gold chocolate coins from a number of places – the ones we used here were found on Amazon.

Next, grab a mason jar, preferably a taller, rather than wider version. Inexpensive mason jars can be found any number of places, including your local grocery store, Target, or a local yard sale or thrift store. Make sure to wash out the jar before you start loading it up.

Once you have your materials together, simply start piling in the “ingredients.” Start with a base layer of gold chocolate coins (the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow). Then layer your Jelly Belly or candy of choice by color, following the rainbow sequence. From bottom to top, you would layer in reverse so purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red on top.

And there you have it! You’re very own tasty pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

To see more of our DIY projects, follow us on Pinterest. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

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