8 Easy Steps to Transition Into a Healthy Lifestyle

By Noah Henry  •  October 01, 2013

The statistics for American health will disturb you, if you haven’t already been paying attention. According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, only 3 percent of adults score perfectly on what the authors consider the four basic criteria for healthy living. One out of seven people met three and one out of three met two. What they’re saying is—you have to be a freak to be perfectly healthy.

Adopting new habits is a simpler approach than abandoning the world for your yoga mat, your elliptical, and your precious juicing. Those who want to alter their habits to improve their wellbeing can take a cue from the following tips on how to transition into a healthy lifestyle.


Seek information. You’re reading this article, so you’re probably interested in getting help. Many other people are too: the No. 1 thing that pops up after typing help on Google is help me lose weight.


Workoutz.com is a good resource as well an alternative to spending copiously on exercise instructors. If you want to learn the most effective techniques to lose pounds and gain muscle, the website offers high-definition videos on aerobic, strength, yoga, stretching, and sports conditioning. Did I mention it’s absolutely free?



Sleep. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is not a sound philosophy. Sleep repairs body tissue, produces vital hormones, and strengthens memory. Lack of sleep also makes you fat.

Short sleepers—those who receive less than 6 hours of sleep per night—and people who don’t achieve deep sleep are also at higher risks of heart attack and stroke. If you think you sleep as much as possible but still can’t seem to get the restful sleep you desire, try these two products:

Le Couvent des Minimes Good Night Pillow Mist – Soap.com

Pillow mist? For real? Yes. Researchers at Wesleyan University say the scent of lavender helps you doze more deeply.


HoMedics SoundSpa Mini Portable Sound Machine – CVS

With the gentle sounds of the rainforest or waterfall, you can eliminate distracting other noises by listening to soothing repetition.

Invest in a water bottle. A sturdy and sleek water bottle will remind you to consume the ideal dosage of water each day. You’ll always have your trusty bottle filled to the brim as you bounce from the office to the gym to your home.

Klean Kanteen – REI

You can get the Klean Kanteen for 20% off at REI right now. Stainless steel and reusable, it’ll get you hydrated in style.

Kick processed foods to the curb. A lot of people nowadays preach the detriments to processed foods. The additives within them cause rapid aging, potential kidney failure, and weak bones. Buying in bulk from Live Superfoods—10% off orders with code 10SAVE—will ensure you'll never  consume those nasty carcinogens inside many of the processed foods we eat today. What are the absolute worst processed foods? Gut check: chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fake cheese, lunchables, spam, soda, artificial sweeteners, and french fries.

Food-based vitamins, anyone? A trip to the doctor’s office is as easily avoidable as slugging down one food-based vitamin. Mixed with powders from real whole foods, it’s okay to consume on an empty stomach. You can find these at Vitamin Shoppe or Drugstore.com.


Switch to black coffee. It’s the healthy alternative containing zero fat, an abundance of antioxidants, and barely any calories. Small doses of calcium and potassium also exist within the bold taste of jet-black java. A 2004 article published in the Journal of Nutrition actually reported black coffee contains higher levels of antioxidants than wine, tea, fruits and vegetables. You shouldn’t drink too much, however, because it could lead to irritability and lack of sleep. For brilliant blends and beautiful black beans, hit up Coffee Wholesale USA and get 5% off with code WINNER5.



Invest in a blender—the Vitamix Blender to be precise. Toted as the Porsche of blenders, the Vitaminix could blend rocks into puree. It includes a hardcover cookbook containing 300 recipes for smoothies, juices, and other veggie concoctions. You can bring professional blending to your home and never have to worry about spending the big bucks on your neighborhood smoothie company. Find it at QVC.

Learn the hidden secrets to eating less. Eating in excess is known to significantly reduce the longevity of your life. In the short-term, routine gluttony causes indigestion, acid reflux and bloating. Stuffing yourself with food is never a good idea, but sometimes, it’s easy to confuse the size of your stomach with the size of your appetite.

One thing you can do to avoid this is buy smaller plates. A Cornell University study showed that people who ate with oversized plates consumed 31 percent more. The size of a plate biases how much people feed themselves. Another tactic is to chug water before meals to fill up your stomach.

Good luck on your quest to health. Visit our health and wellness deals for stores to help you get going.

Noah Henry Noah Henry Noah Henry is an amateur movie critic, foodie, bowler, and beer reviewer. But he's no amateur when it comes to saving money, so listen up!

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