10 Personalized Gifts for Father's Day

By Justin Hun  •  June 03, 2014

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and you need some gift ideas to get you started in the right direction. Every dad has a unique lifestyle and we have just the right gifts to suit him. Whether he likes gadgets or the newest clothing styles, we’ve generated a list of ideas to make your Father’s Day gift not just a present, but something personal. Here are some of the best personalized gifts for Father’s Day:


Personalized Gifts for Father's Day


Foody Dad



Pub Glass from Red Envelope

Get the food-connoisseur father in your life the gift he desires. Every guy wants a little something special for his man-cave and if he doesn’t have one yet this will sure to get him started on it. Red Envelope offers personalized products including a 4 glass set of personalized pub glasses. You can put his name as well as his year and city of where he’s born all under a retro looking logo. The four pub glasses will run you at about $59, but be sure to get 15% off on their site.


Wine and Travel Tote from Gift Tree

If dad prefers something more sophisticated such as a fine wine, then consider this customized wine & travel tote. The bottle of merlot will be engraved with whatever message of thanks and love you want to put on it. The stylish yet manly tote comes with: a drip ring, pour spout, bottle stopper, and cork screw.  This all runs at about $74.95 for something he’ll have to use again. Plus if you’re the misses, he won’t have an excuse to take you out on fancy picnics anymore.


Jones Soda Bottles from Jones Soda

If dad isn’t much into the alcoholic stuff and he enjoys a different kind of buzz, I recommend a personalized Jones Soda pack. Jones has been making unique and interesting soda for almost 20 years and now you can place your favorite photo of you and pop on his favorite flavor of pop. You can get flavors like Root Beer or something more exotic like Fufu Berry. Whether he decides to drink them or encase them, he’ll just love seeing his picture on those bottles. You can get either a 6-pack or a 12-pack—but I suggest the 12-pack since it’s just $7 more.


Tech Dad



iPhone Case from Shutterfly

If the dad in your life loves technology, don’t let him leave the house without something to protect those very expensive gadgets. Shutterfly offers personalized cases including phone cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and even for iPad. The cool thing about these cases is that they offer several different finishes as well as a photo and message you can customize on the back. Cases start as low as $27.99, but check out the discounts to save more.


Matte Pen/USB from Things Remembered

What man of business wouldn’t want one of these? It doubles as a pen to sign all those important papers and also a USB drive to store all that important digital stuff. The drive stores up to 2GB and the pen and box allow for personal engraving. It costs $34.99 which is a great price for the dual use you get out of it. Dad will never have to lug around a separate pen and USB drive ever again.


Pocket Watch from Personalization Mall

Now this might not be the hippest gadget around, but it is a simple one. Pocket watches were the iPhone’s of the 19th Century and now you can bring that back by going to Things Remembered. This pocket watch makes for a great conversation starter and when colleagues ask who got it for them, he’ll say, “My lovely [insert your name here] who’s my favorite [insert your relationship here] got me this.” The internals are visible and runs completely on movement so you never have to buy a battery. It runs for $65 but you can get $20 off when you sign up on the website.


Fashionable Dad



Customized Shirt from Zazzle

Finding the right kind of style and design for dad may be difficult. Dad doesn’t want any more ties or business socks. What Zazzle has produced is a way to completely customize clothing to make something special this Father’s Day. If dad dabbles in sketching or photography, you can take that image and put it onto a shirt, sweater, as well as a jacket. He’ll be proud to wear something sentimental to him. You can get 20% off now and with customizable clothing starting from as little as $16, dad doesn’t have to know you got him an awesome gift on a budget.


Robes from Red Envelope

Sometimes guys have certain attire they like wearing out. If you have a stubborn/picky dad who likes to wear what they’re used to out on the town, then maybe a personalized robe would be a better choice. These robes are 100% Turkish cotton and are so soft—if dad doesn’t want to wear it you may have to! Costing a bit over $100, be sure to take advantage of the Red Envelope discounts.


Sporty Dad



Travel Tumbler from Personalization Mall

If you’re a dad, you’ve got to like sports. There’s no better way to celebrate a dad’s special day then to get him something to go with his coffee and his sports team. Personalization Mall offers coffee mugs and tumblers so that dad can support his team every morning. These items start at about $18 and are easy to clean and strong enough to take a few drops on a busy commute.


Nike Duffel Bag from Personalization Mall

Let’s say dad is a bit of a fitness fanatic and he needs to carry some stuff with him to the gym. Perhaps a duffel bag with his initials on it might be the gift he’s needed. The bag is produced by Nike so you know that it’s a quality product meant to take wear and last for a long time. Best of all it will cost you just below $50.

It’s tough to find just the right thing for dad. Just remember you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to show dad you love him. You can check out all the latest deals and promotions going on at promocodes.com. Have a happy Father’s Day! And if you're going for a budget-friendly Father's Day, check out these Father’s Day gifts under $20.

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