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Your health can change in the blink of an eye so you need a service that will help you take care of your health just as fast, without leaving you penniless. Blink Health is a service created for that purpose so you can get your prescription drugs at affordable prices as soon as you need them. Through partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies like Walmart Pharmacy and Benzer Pharmacy, Blink Health negotiates lower prices so you can get massive savings on thousands of medications. Anyone can use Blink Health whether or not they have coverage so no one will miss out on their awesome prices. Blink Health gives you flexibility when it comes to how you spend your money, so if the Blink Price is more than your prescription drug coverage or the cash price, you can choose not to use Blink Health as your payment method. If you choose to use Blink Health, you can get your medications by either picking them up at any participating store or certified U.S. pharmacy or having them delivered to your home. Some examples of participating stores are Costco, Kroger, Walmart, and Giant Eagle. With Blink Health deals and Blink Everyday Low Prices, you can save big on your prescription medications. Another benefit of using Blink Health is FSA and HSA reimbursements for medications you pay for with Blink and you won’t have to worry about meeting limitations, deductibles, or maximums to use Blink. Thanks to Blink Health reminders for refills sent via text, you’ll always get your prescription medication on time. Make sure to get a Blink Health promo code from Promocodes.com to get a discount off your first fill.

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Blink Health Coupons and Deals

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Blink Health Coupons

Blink Health is an ecommerce based solution created to help you get your prescription drugs at affordable prices. Thanks to Blink Health, over 15,000 medications are available at a low, negotiated price in participating pharmacies in America. Blink Health secures lower prices through partnerships with pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers so that you can enjoy Blink Health deals and save. Whether you’re insured or uninsured, you can use Blink Health when the Blink Price beats your prescription drug coverage, or the cash price for the prescription is higher, or even if your prescription drug coverage price with Medicare is higher than the Blink Price.

In order to use Blink Health, you need a prescription. You can search for your medication on the site by typing in the name of your drug in the search bar. Blink Health will transfer your prescription from your doctor or current pharmacy and their pharmacy team will take care of the rest. If you’re getting a new prescription, you can ask your doctor to e-prescribe directly to Blink Health Pharmacy. Once the prescription is received and verified, Blink Health will fill it and prepare it for delivery or pickup from a certified, U.S. pharmacy in their network.

You can choose the home delivery option to receive your medication and it will be delivered to your door with free shipping. If you need your medications urgently, you can choose the local pickup option, then pay online and pickup your medications at a pharmacy nearby. You can choose the Blink Everyday Low Price so you can pick up your medications at any participating store, or the Blink Smart Deal to pick up at a select pharmacy for the chance to save even more. For the pickup option, you have to make sure the pickup pharmacy has your doctor’s prescription or Blink Health can transfer your existing Rx to the pharmacy for you if you select the Rx transfer option at checkout. When you go to pick up your medications, you’ll have to show proof of purchase which will be a Blink Card sent to you by text and email. The Blink Card should be processed as the primary payer and no additional payments will be required at the pharmacy.

The core mission of Blink health is offering the lowest prices on generic drugs and they offer commitment to that through their Price Match Guarantee. If you find a lower price for your generic prescription elsewhere, Blink health will match the price and refund the difference. For a price match to be granted, the lower price submitted should be for the same item with the same prescription—including dose, form, and quantity; and the offer must be a publicly available cash price. Blink Health does not price match opioid analgesics due to their belief that they need to be part of the solution to the current opioid epidemic. Prices that rely on prescription drug coverage or fee-based membership programs and Blink Health’s own prices will not be matched.

If you choose to pick up your medications, you can only price match after you’ve purchased and filled a prescription using Blink Health at the Blink Smart Deal Price or the Everyday Low Price. The other price must be at a pharmacy in your community. For prescriptions that are home delivered, you can only price match after you’ve purchased and filled a prescription using Blink and the other price must be the mail order price available at a fully-accredited pharmacy based and licensed in the United States. The other price must include shipping costs. You have up to 28 days from the date of your Blink purchase to submit your claim and if approved, the price difference will be refunded to your original form of payment within 10 business days. If you used a Blink Health promo code, the value of the code will not be refunded and refunds are limited to $1000 per patient per month.

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