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Sleep should never be something to dread, it should be something to look forward to after a long day. A luxurious mattress, soft as a cloud pillow, Best Rest offers two great mattress options which use soy based memory foam and a Green pillow that uses vegetable memory foam for the most supportive and comfortable sleep ever.

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BEST REST Coupons and Deals

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Best Rest: How Do You Want to Sleep?

You should never compromise for good sleep because good sleep is the foundation to have a great day and life should be filled with those instead of sleepless nights and tired days. Best Rest wants to help you fall in love with Sleeping all over again. They want to give you a luxurious feeling, comfortable, supportive, and restful sleep night in and night out. Best Rest took their inspiration for their products from watching European artisans who are the masters of their craft to bring you a masterful sleep with a great mattress and pillow. Best Rest offers a great mattress option Lux Naturalia Mattresses in two different thicknesses: 10” and 12.5”, and the green planet pillow. These products came about from years and years of scoping out the best designs and materials to ensure the very best in quality, detail, and durability.

Best Rest mattresses are created using soy based memory foam because it offers superior comfort and relief, naturally repels bed bugs, remains cool on hot summer days and warmer temperature in winter, and it is made to outlast other mattresses in the market. You can purchase Lux Naturalia in 4 different firmnesses: soft, medium, firm, and extra firm in all standard mattress sizes from twin to king. Their green planet pillow is made with vegetable memory foam based on decades of research to find the perfect balance of support and density to be both supportive of the contours of your neck and remain a sense of weightlessness. Their pillows are also infused with natural oils to create a natural aromatherapy which is calming and stress reducing.

They’ve been selling the best rest since 1966 and it’s time you gave your best rest a shot, so get you mattress and pillow with promo code coupons to save.