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A software company that focuses on making affordable and functional software for the Mac community can be found at Apparent Software. With apps that help with everyday functions, Apparent Software is surely on the right track and with coupons even their paid apps have the potential to cost next to nothing! The company offers useful Mac applications such as ImageFramer, Cashculator and Trickster. Visit Apparent Software for MAC solutions that are apparently great!

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Apparent Software Coupons and Deals

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apparent software Review: Apparently Software can be Useful and Affordable at Apparent Software

apparent software is a company that focuses on creating software and apps for Mac devices. Software is designed to be useful, friendly, and unique. There are three major apps, Image Framer, Cashculator, and Trickster. Image Framer is unique in that it has the option to add frames, mats, and borders to pictures. There are over 800 designs for frames and the option to customize the color and width and many more versatile options. There is a pro version where you can add and edit your own frames as well. The second app, Cashculator, helps people to keep track of their budget but doesn't make things complex by dealing with detailed past transactions and detailed daily records. This app gives a great big picture and analysis, as well as helps to predict cash flow. It also allows users to plan for financial changes and explore what if scenarios. Trickster, helps you find recently used files. This can help with efficiency, productivity and the over all search for files. Great features includes quick access to downloads, as well as drag and drop, meaning you can place files anywhere from within Trickster. The favorites sidebar is the easiest way to find exactly what you need right away. All three apps have both free and paid versions, with the paid versions having more features. has apparent software coupons and promo codes. So can be a great help when opting to go with the paid versions. The site also features a support section for common issues and solutions to any noticeable issues or fixes for problems. There is also a community for users to discuss the apps and what discoveries and issues they are facing when using the apps.