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To get a great sleep, check out the hybrid bed, the Agility Bed. Made by the reputable Therapedic company, the bed offers great sleep in a bed-in-a- box concept. Aside from that it is also easily purchased as it has no markups and is even less with deals, so check to access free promo codes for Agility Mattresses.

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AGILITY Coupons and Deals

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AGILITY Bed Review: Awesome Support And Sleep With Agility Bed

A great bed and brand by Therapedic, Agility bed has been serving customers for over half a century. The Agility bed combines the great points of an innerspring mattress which is great for support and bounce, as well as a foam bed, which is quiet and keep movement to a minimum. The Agility bed by Therapedic is a mix of both with over 1000 coils and and pressure relief foam. The foam has five zones so that hips, back, and head, and even feet are supported. The coils are in fact mini sized, and work together to offer support but without all over movement. There is also a bio Based gel that provides a place for energy to be absorbed as well as further pressure relief. The bed can sit on a bed frame or even on the floor as long as there is a sturdy flat surface for it to lay on. Customers will find that the bed is made without harmful chemicals, has undergone testing and has received certifications that materials are safe for health and sleeping. The materials used also ensure that people will not overheat or feel sweaty in bed! Additionally beds are constructed at the time of order, which actually saves money! Even further reductions can be found online at, so that you can enjoy your bed without worrying about your pockets. The Best part of the mattress is that it can be delivered online, much like the beds in a box concept! The company offers a trial period of 100 days, with a refund if the mattress isn't what you would like it to be. The company also runs a blog which has valuable information such as mattress trends and recent mattress news.