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Black Friday Survival Guide

We all know that Black Friday has amazing deals and discoveries, but what sale items will give you the best bang for your buck? We’ve all heard the myths and urban legends of people who get amazing deals and leave stores on Black Friday with all their limbs and still a little pocket change. So, what do these shoppers know that you don’t? Fret no more! We’re here to reveal the “when, what, and how” so that you can score amazing savings on your holiday shopping.

When to Find the Best Deals

Some of the best Black Friday deals begin well before the actual date. It’s a good idea to check the online sites of your favorite retailers because they may have ongoing sales as early as the week before Thanksgiving. Target, Kohl’s and Wal-Mart are a few of the stores that will have promotional sales and deals to gear up and get ready for Black Friday. is also a great place to get started for pre-Black Friday, as well as Cyber Monday deals. Last year Veracode reported that 80% of the best online sales and deals occur within the 4 weeks between Black Friday and Christmas. So even if you miss out on Black Friday shopping, you can still get your hands on some great savings!

What to Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday is pretty much the World Series for shoppers. You finally get a chance to use all of your bargain hunting skills to find the stores and items that you can save big on! Although you can go to retailers and get sales on just about every item they have in store, there are a select few items that are a little bit more worth your while. According to, last year’s biggest savings came from the door buster deals on electronics. Flat screens, laptops, printers, gaming consoles, and even vacuums are just a couple of the items that will showcase the best deals during your Black Friday crusade! So, this year when you’re in line for Black Friday, make a beeline to the electronics section and go home with some fun new gadgets! You can even check online to see if you can find some of the same deals during Cyber Monday. You might get the chance to stay out of the crowds and shop in the comfort of your home.

How to Prepare for Black Friday Shopping

Whether you’re a first timer or a pro, you can never be too prepared when you’re getting ready to embark on the adventurous shopping holiday! We have some tips to help you to get ready to weather the storm that is known as Black Friday. If you’re camping out or just busting down the doors with the rest of the shoppers, you can use our helpful hints to have the best bargain shopping experience.

  1. Make a list

    Making a list is a sure way to stay on track and not purchase things out of impulse. Having an idea of the deals and items you want to buy is a sure way to save your money, and avoid being in a store longer than you anticipated. Remember, time is money. Making a list will not only get you out of the store quicker, but it’ll save your eyes from wandering to items you don’t necessarily need.

  2. Create a Budget

    Creating a budget allows you to stay on track and out of debt this holiday season. Sure you’ll be surrounded by great deals galore, but that doesn’t mean your wallet is up for the challenge. Shop smart and make a budget for yourself to save your holiday dollars.

  3. Research

    Most stores will send out emails or notifications about the great deals they have in store for you on Black Friday. Researching which stores have the best prices on the items you’re looking for will help you stay on your shopping a-game this holiday season. You can even find online promotional deals and coupons to get an even greater savings on your favorite items!

  4. Pack Snacks

    Granted this isn’t the most essential tip, but it will come in handy. The lines on Black Friday are no joke, and we would hate for you to be stuck in an electronics store with your stomach growling angrily. Packing snacks could just be a lifesaver- or at least a mood saver when you’re standing in line to make your purchases.

  5. Bring a shopping buddy

    Bringing a shopping companion can save you time in line as well as help you stay focused on what you actually need to buy. Craft a strategic plan and stick to it! One idea is to have your shopping buddy grab a place in line immediately when you get to the store. Then, you can go out and search for the items on your list. Whatever your shopping strategy is you can definitely benefit from having an extra set of hands. Having a shopping buddy will save you time and money this holiday season, so start looking for your recruits!