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Groupon Promo Codes and Coupons

$10 off Coupon

Get $10 off your next Groupon purchase if you refer a friend to the website. Your friend must buy their deal first before you reap the reward. It’s Groupon’s special way of saying thanks for spreading the word!

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Free Shipping Coupon

Click this link to receive Free Shipping on Groupon Goods orders $29.99 or more.

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50% - 90% off Groupon Getaways

Get 50% - 90% off Groupon Getaway Deals at Groupon.

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Expired Coupons

These coupons have expired, but occasionally are re-published. Feel free to try them out!

Recently Expired

Apply this code to get an extra 20% off up to 3 local deals + an extra 10% off up to 3 goods deals + an extra 10% off up to 3 getaways deals.

Learn About Groupon

Each day, Groupon provides you with a coupon for the best shopping, events, eating, and more in your area. All you need to do is enter your email address and city on to see the deal for each day. With its great deals, Groupon seeks to make it easier for city-dwellers to discover all their city has to offer by providing one idea each day to help you decide what might be worth doing or seeing.

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Savings Tips

  1. When you purchase Groupon Goods, you get free shipping if the purchase is $19.99 or above. Free returns are also available, but for U.S. only.

  2. Full refunds are available for one week after the purchase on any unredeemed offer. Groupon Goods refunds are available for two weeks after.

  3. If your Groupon expired, don’t worry. Groupon deals are worth what you paid for them, always, even after the expiration date expires.

  4. Flash deals on thousands of getaways come all the time. These are limited-time, deep discounts on hotels, travel packages and other bookings related to travel.

  5. In the ‘Freebies’ tab, users can access thousands of free coupons, promo codes, giveaways, samples and more from brands, along with exclusive offers that are available only at Groupon.