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What is Extreme Couponing?

You know there’s a problem with the economy when there’s something called “extreme couponing” hitting America’s television screens.

Extreme couponing (noun): the act of combining savvy shopping with coupon cutting to achieve maximum savings.

TLC’s show Extreme Couponing debuted on December 26, 2010 and is now onto its fourth season. Its popularity is likely a result of economic drought and reality TV obsession. The show features super-shoppers going out and accumulating massive amounts of goods at almost criminal prices.

A true reflection of the recession, extreme couponing is hitting the country more than ever. The New York Post reported that consumers saved $4.6 billion using coupons last year. And when a hit reality TV show hits the airwaves about just that, it shows a connection people feel with fumbling to save a buck, desperately trying to break even.

It’s no surprise that even retailers are lashing out against it. Supermarkets and chain stores are adjusting their policies to combat their losses. Kroger is banning “stacked” coupons, which are digital coupons and paper coupons used simultaneously to reduce prices. Walgreens is cracking down by saying that management has the right to limit the number of items purchased. reported that Walmart, the reigning retail king, is now stating that “only original copies of print-at-home coupons will be accepted in its stores.”

It seems couponing has become a job in itself—a job that requires lots of planning and patience. The problem is, most Americans are working hard for the same reason people are spending copious amounts of time cutting coupons and studying prices.

And there is simply no time for both.

Therefore, we invite you to go “extreme promotional coding”—a fast and effective way to search for promotional codes at all your favorite stores. At, you can save money with thousands of codes easily available at your leisure. features all of today’s most popular merchants. If you’re looking for a specific product, you can browse the Categories section to compare prices between merchants. New discounts are offered every day, and sweet deals are just a click away.

The benefits of extreme promotional coding are numerous. One doesn’t have to waste time perusing pages of coupons to find specific brands, nor does one have to waste time debating which brand to use. Extreme promotional coding is simply a better alternative to getting your shopping done. See more about the Alternative to Extreme Couponing.

So visit today and get your extreme promotional coding on!